What we do and how it works

Every parent knows the trouble of finding pants that fit their child. Squeezing the tummy or sliding down, too short, too long.. and when you finaly find one that fits, Baby grows out of it in what feels like a week.

Our design, common on the streets and playgrounds of Berlin, but rarely seen in New York, covers babies of all percentiles and grows with the child: It features a broad waistband, that is narrow enough to hold up on slim babies, but doesn't cut into the chubby babies' tummy since it's stretchy without needing a rubber band. The cuffs can be easily folded, without losing out on style, to adjust for baby's length. They are easy and quick for the parent to remove (e.g. during potty training), and give the child flexibility to explore their steadily growing mobility.

We chose a distinct selection of fabrics from American, Canadian, and German manufacturers, that are in many cases certified organic, and adhere the Children's Product Compliance guidelines. All clothes are handmade by Juliane and Sara, right here in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. We have a selection of ready to deliver pants that you can choose from, or you find a pattern and fabric you like and we custom make it for you within a few days.