About Us

Glückskind is a German word, meaning "darling of fortune", a child that is followed and surrounded by luck and happiness.

Glückskind was founded by Juliane and Sara, two German moms from Berlin who met on the playgrounds of Greenwich Village in Manhattan. While their children started to play together, the moms discovered their similarities in their love for individual, local, and handmade products, as well as their sewing passion. Out of many playground chats and play dates grew a friendship, and the idea to bring a bit of their Berlin hometown style and flair to Manhattan.

Glückskind's main goal is to offer practical, cute, and comfortable clothes for babies and toddlers, that can be worn and loved for a long time.

We chose a distinct selection of fabrics from American, Canadian, and German manufacturers, that are in many cases certified organic, and follow the Childrens Product Compliance guidelines. All clothes are handmade by Juliane and Sara, right here in Greenwich Village in Manhattan.